NoID – The anonymous identity solution

NoID is a patient identity and data management platform that is fully interoperable, 100% accurate and reduces healthcare operating expenses by up to 5%.

How it Works


NoID integrates AI-powered facial biometric identity authentication combined with hashed demographic data to accurately enroll patients. The NoID profile is constructed using standard HL7 FHIR resources. The NoID protocol is fully HIPAA and HITECH compliant with full encryption and hashing of PHI at every layer supporting both privacy and anonymity for patients.


NoID quickly and securely identifies enrolled patients with 100% accuracy. The patient simply scans their face, and after the biometric scan completes, NoID constructs and sends a secure HL7 FHIR message to a NoID hub where identification takes place. Blockchain technology is used to support global interoperability without compromising privacy or security.

What is NoID?

Duality’s flagship solution, NoID, leverages artificial intelligence, machine learning, decentralized storage and distributed computing. Together, these create a patient identification system that privately, accurately and safely confirms a patient’s identity 100% of the time.

NoID’s blockchain software and biometric hardware combination help simplify clinical workflows while addressing multiple security and productivity challenges faced by hospitals and other healthcare organizations.

Accurate Patient Identification

Provides simple, fast, and secure patient enrollment and identification with near 100% accuracy.

Provider Identification and Single Sign-On

Stronger and more efficient authentication, no multiple log-ons, and no central database vulnerable to hacks and data leaks.

Electronic Health Information Exchange

Hashed FHIR profiles provide interoperability while at the same time protecting patient data by completely obfuscating all data at rest and in transit.

Personal Health Record Integration

Allows the patient to fully own and control who has access to their profile data by integrating with leading electronic health record systems.

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