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PIX: Patient Identification Cross-Enterprise

PIX is positive patient identification software to accurately identify and link individual patients with their digitized health care information.

How it Works

Duality’s flagship solution called “PIX” (Patient Identification Cross-Enterprise) uses artificial intelligence (AI) to power facial biometric recognition technologies for high accuracy matching and Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) to support global interoperability without compromising privacy or security.

PIX operates in a desktop, mobile and virtual (Telehealth) environment that is embedded into industry leading EHRs including Epic and Cerner via SMART on FHIR. PIX expedites the patient check-in process by scanning the patient’s face in a touchless and hygienic manner. PIX enables cross-organizational patient matching by linking the patient’s facial biometric to their electronic medical record number(s). After a successful patient identity match, PIX returns a list of record locations to facilitate multi-record sharing with trusted external entities.

Accurate Patient Identification

Provides simple, fast, and secure patient check-in with near 100% accuracy at any point of care.

Personal & Unique Biometric Activation

Stronger and more efficient authentication, persistent ID lives with the patient.

Electronic Health Information Exchange

Hashed FHIR profiles provide interoperability while at the same time protecting patient data by completely obfuscating all data at rest and in transit.

Personal Health Record Integration

Allows the patient to link their facial biometric through MyChart and other personal health record systems.

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Patient Identity Management