Ensuring 100% accuracy and privacy of patient data

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Identity and Data Management Built for Healthcare

Duality offers leading-edge identification and data management software to the healthcare industry. Our solutions provide simple and fast patient enrollment, accurate identification, and secure data management.

Increase Revenue Cycle Efficiency

By leveraging machine learning and blockchain technology, Duality provides real-time data access and workflow management while addressing multiple security and productivity challenges faced by healthcare organizations. Our software suite includes:

Accurate Patient Identification

Simple, fast, secure patient enrollment and identification with 100% accuracy.

Provider Identification and Single Sign-On

HIPAA compliant authentication across disparate health systems through the use of HL7 FHIR messages and local application APIs.

Secure Data Exchange

Meaningful data aggregation eliminates the need for expensive Master Patient Indexes and the potential of duplicate patient records.

Benefits that matter.

Easy and Accurate

Simple, fast, and secure patient enrollment using AI-powered facial biometric identity authentication

Cost Savings

Eliminate duplication errors and streamline clerical work

Private and Secure

Anonymous queries with de-identified and decentralized data

Fast and Scalable

Healthcare data solutions powered by blockchain technology


Hashed FHIR profiles provide interoperability between multi-system and multi-site organizations


Easy bolt-on integration with existing EHRs and HIEs

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