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Facial Biometric Patient Identification

Safer Care. Better Outcomes.

Positive Patient Identification at Any Point of Care

Duality provides accurate, private and secure patient identification throughout the continuum of care. Our software can be leveraged in any outpatient, inpatient, or Telehealth setting.

Patient Identification Cross-Enterprise

By linking the patient’s facial biometric to their electronic medical record number(s), the patient is placed at the center of care to enable an interoperable health data ecosystem.

Accelerated Check-in

 Touchless, fast, and secure patient check-in with near 100% accuracy.

Streamlined Workflows

Speed up check-in time by 75% and save Clinicians 28 minutes per shift by eliminating manual searching.

Improved Outcomes

Increase patient safety by preventing duplicate and overlaid records..

Benefits that matter.

Easy and Accurate

Simply scan the patient’s face to quickly pull up their electronic medical records

Capture Lost Revenue

Prevent medical identity theft and insurance fraud

Private and Secure

HIPAA compliant authentication with encrypted data

Fast and Scalable

Powered by AI, DLT, and FHIR technologies


SMART on FHIR supports global interoperability within and between healthcare systems


One-click launch with embedded EHR workflows

Your Identity Starts Here

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Patient Identity Management


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